After-sale service

MNK gives you the quality of the world as well as the service of global unity.

Whole ladder warranty

Calculation of the warranty period from the whole staircase elevator MNK installed on the date of delivery to the customer. All MNK household elevators sold by the manac dealer have 1 years of whole ladder warranty. The fault caused by material or MNK lift assembly process are under warranty. You only need to contact the local authorized dealer, there are familiar with the properties and structure of MNK lift, skilled technicians to provide professional service for you to solve problems.


Free inspection before the warranty period

You certainly do not want to encounter the elevator just over the warranty period found fault embarrassment. Don't worry, before the expiration of warranty MNK free testing, for you to lift the menace from the rear. When you lift a security is MNK, we will take the initiative to call for you to make comprehensive warranty expires before the detection, wholeheartedly to find problems and eliminate hidden dangers, to provide free warranty service, to ensure that the overall situation of MNK lift as perfect you. A true friend, first you want to prevent trouble before it happens.


MNK pure original accessories-js9905.com金沙网站

Pure in mind, is to goods, not only bring MNK globally uniform product quality for you, the more you use for a long time to provide long-lasting protection. The original accessories have been MNK stringent testing, to ensure compatibility with the elevator, the elevator to always maintain the best condition, protect your family for decades, up and down.


Free maintenance of the whole machine-91599澳门金沙

MNK lift installation date of the delivery of user, we provide one year free maintenance of the whole staircase, the free service will include material and man hour cost.