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MNK elevator is a popular and exclusive service to provide you with a full range of security experience and value-added services, and will always accompany you and your family.

MNK's exclusive service


MNK Villa elevator“Exclusive service”implement“Peace of mind”Service concept,around“Exclusive, intelligent, active”3 core appeals, set up 7 rules and regulations to provide you with a full range of peace of mind experience and value-added services. Uphold the MNK globally consistent service standards, to further enhance the customer service experience, to create a new standard of high-grade household elevator service.



Exclusive consultant service

Install delivered to the user from the beginning of MNK lift, MNK for every user with exclusive service, provide one to one service honor.

Custom-made maintenance plan

According to the different needs of each user to provide personalized MNK lift, the annual maintenance plan, provide professional service for you.

Remote elevator condition detection

Timely understanding of the operation of the elevator, let you use more ease, enjoy the high quality of life.

Periodic / on-demand Report

You can send a simple and easy elevator running test report in the form of mail every quarter, so that you can grasp the first-hand information at the first time and enjoy the experience of worry free family up and down.

Active maintenance reminding

When you are busy, forget the elevator maintenance. According to your elevator's travel statistics and usage time, the monitoring center reminds you to maintain the elevator in time by telephone and SMS, and provides you with a professional and active attitude to provide you with meticulous service.

Mobile telecontrol elevator

When any cell phone can connect to the Internet, it will be able to see the elevator's status and parking floor through the WeChat terminal's access to the operation interface, and remote control elevator to the designated floor, so that you can enjoy the comfort ahead.

7×24hour service

All the year round, with meticulous care to provide you with a convenient and active service.