The brain has provincial experts sinking Nanxun elevator ent




  In October 19th, 2017 Huzhou Nanxun District elevator industry expert innovation alliance expert service enterprise Nanxun district activities held. 23 provincial "151" talents engineering experts and provincial chief technicians were engaged in docking negotiations with 45 elevator enterprises in Nanxun district. In the afternoon, experts are divided into four groups to giant KONE Elevator Co. Ltd., Zhejiang giant Holdings Limited, Waxman elevator (China) Company eight elevator enterprises to conduct field surveys, to understand the technical difficulties, elevator enterprises encountered in the development process and the direction of the service needs to break through the bottleneck.
The brain has provincial experts sinking Nanxun elevator enterprise FAQ
Experts and enterprises face to face negotiations, and put forward relevant suggestions and suggestions. Wang Kuihao, a correspondent
"Economic transformation and upgrading, the key to rely on innovation and development and talent resources. This year, we actively explore new ways by the brain, talent recruitment, active docking provinces and relevant departments, experts and students by the provincial personnel service center support and approval." Duan Liangying, deputy director of the Nanxun Bureau of human resources and social security, said, "elevator enterprises in Nanxun area are facing the bottleneck of original technological innovation and the inaccuracy of frontiers in financial management. During the preparatory process, we found that most of the enterprises hope to carry out long-term and in-depth cooperation with universities and workshops where experts are in charge, and help them break through the bottleneck of innovation and expand their development with the help of experts.
It is understood that 23 experts participating in this event are from the special equipment inspection, mechanical engineering, materials technology, automation and other closely related with elevator industry disciplines and fields, can be said to be "an antidote against the disease, supporting experts dedicated to Nanxun elevator enterprises carefully selected.
The brain has provincial experts sinking Nanxun elevator enterprise FAQ
The expert team answered at the site of the production workshop of the Hengda Fuji Elevator Co., Ltd. Wang Kuihao, a correspondent
"This activity is very meaningful." Zhejiang Institute of special equipment research institute director Zhang Wei Ling said, "researchers and enterprises usually face to face communication is not much, this platform provides the space to display their talent to us, so that the original in the laboratory of scientific research to the implementation of the enterprise, but also provides a direction for future research."
In Zhejiang giant Holdings Limited, five experts, such as Fang Guangzhong and Fan Lihong, conducted field investigation and exchanged with the responsible person of the enterprise. During the process of communication, Liu Xu, director of Engineering Service Department of Zhejiang giant holding limited, put forward the problems of elevator traction type test, elevator control system intellectualization and so on. Fang Guangzhong, a provincial chief mechanic from Zhejiang friendship motor, said he did a similar motor experiment with his team. The two sides will stay in contact with each other after the end of the discussion, and will discuss the next step of cooperation in the future.
"The platform of innovation alliance provides our elevator enterprises with the opportunity to communicate and cooperate with the experts in the province, which has played a very good bridge role. In addition, through the eye of other industry experts to examine our own elevator industry, it also helps us to reunderstand ourselves and broaden our horizons. " Liu Xu said.
On the morning of October 20th, experts attending the event held a symposium, and put forward their respective opinions and suggestions on Nanxun elevator industry and economic and social development, and jointly discussed how to build Nanxun talent pool to help regional economic development.
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Nanxun elevator industry started in the late 1970s and developed in 90s. Now it has become the most distinctive and dynamic strategic high-end manufacturing industry in Nanxun. The elevator leading products include elevators, escalators, elevators, hydraulic car ladder, medical elevator, residential elevator, sightseeing elevator, elevator and automatic sidewalks, etc.. The intelligent elevator and high-end components industry is listed in the national torch plan characteristic industrial base, the provincial high tech industrial base and the provincial first batch of high-end equipment manufacturing industry characteristic base. The intelligent elevator town is selected for the provincial characteristic town breeding list. The intelligent elevator successfully created the "national famous brand demonstration area". The elevator industry was successfully selected in Zhejiang province's "machine substitution" pilot project in different industries. Nanxun elevator industry intelligent manufacturing was selected to be the 2016 provincial intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration area. In 2016, the output value of the elevator industry in the whole region broke through 10 billion. The annual production of all kinds of elevator about 75 thousand units, about 50% of the Zhejiang elevator market share, the national elevator market share of 11%. The elevator industry ranks third in the country.