The first intelligent elevator in the province will be "




  When the elevator is trapped, the trapped person will be very anxious. But in the future, when the elevator sleepy people are in trouble, the intelligent elevator safety member "small AI" will automatically call the rescue phone for the first time and send out the rescue information without waiting for people to turn to for help. In October 23rd, the reporter learned that the pilot project of the first AI (Artificia lntelligence, AI) intelligent elevator warning and alarming system in Hefei is pre approved by the city, and is currently being tested on 59 elevators in the hi tech Zone.
An elevator with a sleepy accident will call the alarm "oneself"
The day before, in an elevator apartment Anhui water non flat layer trapped accident, 5 people were trapped. The time of the accident was 12:58 at noon. At the same time, the phone calls to the property and elevator maintenance units at the same time. Only 5 minutes, the property workers to the scene to appease, 14 minutes after the elevator maintenance personnel also arrived, 13:17 rescue successfully completed. An elevator accident can be successfully solved in 19 minutes, which is 11 minutes shorter than the state's 30 minutes.
Why will property and elevator maintenance personnel get to the scene so quickly? Because the elevator is equipped with "AI intelligent elevator warning system", the call is not the trapped person, but the elevator itself.
It is reported that the system is also the first AI intelligent elevator warning system in China. At present, there are 59 elevators in 3 districts in the hi-tech zone.
Intelligent elevator system will be popularized to more residential areas
At the moment, elevator safety has attracted much attention. Up to the end of 2016, the total number of elevator on duty in Hefei has reached 52 thousand, and increased by 20% per year, which is followed by a great challenge to the safety and reliability of elevator operation.
It is reported that the elevator monitoring and early warning project is built through the construction of the elevator Internet of things monitoring and warning system, based on AI intelligent operation, taking elevator passengers as the core, integrating into the inspection, maintenance, and property management and service, forming an integrated public service system.
"Automatic warning and automatic alarm are the greatest highlights of the system." The development of this system in Anhui branch Furui Technology Co., responsible person, the system of abnormal s ladder, speeding and other common faults and accidents can be pre warning, check erroneous ideas at the outset, nip in the bud. That is to say, the system can analyze the operation of an elevator according to real time data and "big data". If the elevator runs abnormally, it can be automatically early-warning.
"Once the elevator is trapped in an accident, the system automatically calls the alarm phone." The person in charge said that the voice call was delivered to the property and elevator maintenance unit at the same time. The system also showed the location and floor of the accident elevator, which greatly saved the rescue time.
It is reported that since the trial operation, the system has been running for about 30 thousand hours, the cumulative monitoring of 3 million 600 thousand times, monitoring risk 649 times, monitoring and warning 110 times, monitoring the trapped people 38 times. In the next step, the system will also be popularized to a number of crowded places and residential communities in the high and new zones.