Villa elevator



The correct definition is the household elevator. It is installed in a private house for only an elevator used by a single family member. It can also be installed in buildings that are not used by a single family, as a tool for a single family to enter their residence, but the public or other occupants in the building can not enter and use it.
You can find the technical specifications of household elevator and public passenger elevator is very different: for example, the load is more than 400kg, the speed can not exceed 0.4m/s, the lifting height of not more than 12M, but in real life, people often require producers to provide a larger area of the car or higher speed, such as 1.0m/s, 1.75m/s and so on, have been far beyond the standard requirements of the manufacture of household elevator, too much emphasis on appearance, decoration, and do not pay attention to the safety of the elevator is essential household household elevator selection errors. Therefore, it is very important to have a correct understanding of the essence and technical specifications of the elevator or the elevator of the villa.
Selection of private housing elevator
The structure of the private housing determines that the elevator of the family elevator or villa should adopt the structure of the private housing elevator, so as to maximize the cost of building and the building space, and at the same time, it takes care of the appearance and the beauty of the house.
Hydraulic drive and traction drive
The hydraulic villa elevator is a traditional household elevator design, which is used in large quantities in North America and Europe. But because the oil spill pollution environment, running noise is too big and waste a lot of power and other factors, does not conform to the concept of modern elevator industry of environmental protection and energy saving, such as hydraulic elevator passengers, and people are gradually eliminated, nearly more than 10 years in the global scope of its sales in the rapid decline, the proportion of not more than 10% and, most elevators for large tonnage or special elevator, a small part for home elevator design. The elevator without machine room villa is being widely used for environmental protection, energy saving and building space saving. For example, passenger elevator, according to world elevator magazine, in 2010, the elevator without machine room will account for 80% of the total elevator sales in the world.



  The way of opening the door of the elevator
The structure of hand door is similar to the commonly used doors in our family, but with many door locks and heavy linkage devices. Meanwhile, there is a hidden danger in the design of hand door without car door protection.
The automatic door, like the elevator of the public passenger, has the double protection of the door and the hall door, and the difference is that more than 95% of the villa elevators choose the open automatic door. It's because the open door can save the floor area and make the best use of the width of the well, at the same time, it can be convenient for the disabled and the elderly to fully reflect their profitability.
PLC control or microcomputer control
PLC control is the abbreviation of English "Programmable Logic Controllers", and the programmable logic controller is mainly used in the early industrial field, and it is also the main control mode of elevator. In the last century in 80s when the microcomputer control system, PLC control in the field of elevator only simple goods ladder is used in large quantities, but in the field of basic passenger elevator microcomputer control system is completely eliminated, therefore, the microcomputer control system is a fine selection of Huai right choice
Variable frequency variable voltage VF drive
The selection of household elevator driven by variable frequency and variable voltage makes it run more comfortable, stable and energy saving. In the selection of traction household elevator, the configuration of VVVF traction machine and inverter drive is adopted.
LED lighting
The biggest difference between LED lighting and traditional lamp or incandescent lamp is brighter, more environmentally friendly, and longer life.
Choose home elevators with automatic rescue device (flat layer) and automatic dialing device
The private elevator is different from the public elevator, which is used for a single family. Therefore, in the domestic elevator security put forward higher requirements, especially for the elderly or children in the family, if the use of a sudden power failure or failure of elevator, choose home elevator with automatic rescue device and automatic dialing configuration, to the maximum security of family. Of course, the manufacturer will also require an additional increase in the cost of the equipment
Regular maintenance editor
The elevator for villa is not mandatory, but the time interval for comprehensive inspection of domestic elevators should not exceed 12 months, especially for the following items.
(a) door lock device (for hand pull door)
(b) electrical safety devices;
(c) ground continuity;
(d) support and suspension systems;
(E) driving devices and brakes;
(f) devices to prevent free falling and speeding down, such as speed limiter and safety clamp;
(g) alarm system;
(H) door protection device (such as: safety and screen);
(I) inspection of the inner surface of the well (e.g., distance, surface and sharp edge);
(J) guide and guide boots;
(k) lighting and emergency lighting;
(L) emergency operation device;
(m) all the identifiers.
(a) routine maintenance is through the eye, ear, nose, hand and body of the maintenance personnel, observation, inspection and simple test of the equipment and its operating state. Find out and solve the fault in time. A routine maintenance is carried out for two weeks.
(b) regular maintenance is through detailed inspection, repair, replacement and adjustment of some parts of the running equipment, so as to make the inspection part reach the necessary standard, and fundamentally guarantee the inherent quality of the equipment. Regular maintenance is carried out once a month.
Residential quarters
The size of the community directly affects the grade of the community, it is better to be above 150 thousand square meters and below 300 thousand square meters. The complete matching of the district is related to the convenience of households, such as supermarkets, clubhouses, transportation, banks, education, medical treatment and so on. The better the landscaping is, and it involves every bit of future life. Not only beautiful, more practical, so after the maintenance cost is too high; residential area not too far, should be selected in the urban area.
In general, the only one can fully enjoy the spacious and comfortable 270 degrees and three surfaces. Do you want to see a small group, a small high-rise plus a high level, or a small layer and a multi-layer group? In particular, small and multi-layer groups can be more dignified. It is also very important to be two, three, or four. It is better to choose two families of one ladder, which can better realize the north and South convection, and the lighting and ventilation are all good.
Apartment layout
1, the north and the south are completely convective, and the depth is small. 2. The functional zoning of the living room and the dining room is clear, the moving and static are suitable, the vision is smooth, but it does not interfere. 3, the restaurant and the kitchen near, and bright, easy to eat and comfortable. 4, the main bedroom should have a small sunshine room, can s to watch the 270 degree scenery. 5, without any real black level, do Ming lighting. 6, the living room and the two rooms (three room) the sun is the best. 7, the elevator can be viewed.
main parameter
1, to see the elevator opening: the size is moderate, ride can be comfortable, if the view can be better. 2, to see the elevator load: each load should be in 400kg. 3, look at the speed of the elevator: it's best not more than 0.4 meters per second. The global transparent sightseeing villa elevator, the extreme landscape stimulation enjoy.
Different styles of buyers will like different styles. Classical or modern, Western-style or Chinese style, no matter which style, can be kept in place only if they are done well, so that the value of property will be preserved. Special recommendations, do not pursue a stunning sense of choice, the best choice of thick and heavy in colours magnificent, elegant look, otherwise only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum easily outdated.