High clear touch screen button control disk

Gentle man-machine interface, temperature and heartbeat, your perception of fretting, in high spirit, everything is under control!

MNK Internet of things guarantee monitoring system

Each of the MNK villa elevator, is given to your servants, networking technology, the intentions of services has become a reality. Manak is always concerned with the operation of every elevator, and quality and safety have become an unshirkable mission.

Remote command manipulation

Home, is tired after returning home, is the dwelling; relax fortress; MNK did villa elevator for you, when you get home, it has beautiful moments waiting for you to open the door!

Mobile communication client service APP

As the sun and air, mobile communication has been filled with every corner of the world, every MNK villa elevator, vibration with invisible wings, all information instantly to convey to you and your family, more to my service, no distance!

Online decoration style selection supermarket

The network age has changed your life, but also changed the way you choose, the supermarket network decoration, the integration of Chinese and Western MNK villa elevator, through the ancient and modern, with luxurious atmosphere and utility, hundreds of options, there will always be your favorite one!